January 6, 2015

Lance Wiggs – why we’re building a new fibre link to New Zealand

Wiggs is one of several high profile Kiwi tech entrepreneurs behind Pacific Fibre (includes Trademe founder Sam Morgan, and Xero’s Rod Drury) an endeavour to build and operate a 5.12 Tbit/sec undersea fibre optic cable connecting Australia and NZ with the USA which will bring 5 times the capacity of NZ’s current largest international internet cable Southern Cross.

New Zealand suffers from poor international internet performance, high pricing and expensive data caps, compared to other countries, due to a “bottleneck” in its lack of physical internet infrastructure connecting the country with the rest of the World.

Lance Wiggs was talking at Unlimited Potential’s “Upload 2010” event in Welington, Tuesday, 18 May 2010.

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