January 6, 2015

Tiered Link Building

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Build link pyramid to improve SERPs

Link building is the process of creating links with a purpose to promote a website and to improve rankings in the ‘search engine results pages’ (SERPs).

Search engines analyze backlinks as electronic “votes” towards the destination site. Generally speaking, the more backlinks you may have from high quality websites the better you will rank in search engines.

Usually do not expect overnight results from link building. Initially, it takes time to create quality backlinks. Further, search engines like Google do not always pick up or index new backlinks immediately, which delays improvement in SERP rankings.

In most cases, it takes several weeks before one sees any movement in keyword rankings. It is usually very common for keyword rankings to bounce up and down at the onset of a link building campaign. The difficulty of the keywords, competitiveness of the industry, age and authority of the target site, the aggressiveness of the link building campaign and the types of backlinks one builds are the main aspects that decide the velocity of ranking improvements.

There are many keymatrics while deciding the worth of a backlink those factors consist of, but are not limited to: Domain Authority, Backlinks, Number of Ranking Keywords, Domain Age, Social Popularity, Google PageRank, and Relevancy.

Another thing that people need to understand while building link is multi-tier link building which is in fact is the best way to rank higher in search engines. Multi tier link building is the link building strategies used by many industry professionals. It is also known as Link Pyramid.

In a multi tier link system, each tier increases the pagerank of the tier above it, so once you have two of three tiers are created, the top tier link may reach a pagerank value of 1 instead of 0 depending on the links used. It is undeniable that getting 100 PR1 links offer a better SEO significance than 100 PR0 links, and there is is the explanation tiered link building performs so effectively. Normally the backlinks ought to be niche relevant, and thematically similar information to not only provide added pagerank value, but thematic relevancy as well. This thematic relevancy is a metric Google will probably be applying more in the future to help partially identify a link’s weight or value, and what sort of impact that link may have on a moneypage’s SERP (search engine ranking position.) In addition, it will help to ensure that each link to your money website is indexed and considered beneficial by Google’s internal link valuation system.

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